Michigan State University Mail Proposal

Written by Jared Wein, 12/09/2006

What is this for?

The current MSU Mail website uses a standard form based email with no interaction with MSU's servers while a user is creating an email. Many of the emails sent on campus are addressed to other people on campus, so if there is a way that this can be made easier, why shouldn't there be a feature to enable this?

I believe that there should be a simple way to send emails to somebody with an MSU email address, only by remembering their name. The capabilities for this are already here, and implementing this would cost very little.

How do I use the example?

To the right you should see a sample mail form. If you select the To: form field, and begin typing a name of a student, faculty, or staff person at MSU, a list of possibilites should appear below the field.

You can either type the name as first last or last, first.

Example of MSU Mail proposal